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We encourage you to submit quality websites to Adult List. Not everything that is submitted gets listed. We handpick good quality, user friendly websites with something to offer for the surfer.

To improve your chances of listing:

  • – Submit high quality sites (some form of femdom theme required)
  • – Write plenty of descriptive text, a novel is better than a one-liner
  • – Include relevant photos
  • – Mention the location of a return link. You are welcome to link back from any high quality location – link to with any relevant anchor (Femdom Portal,, Femdom Directory or whatever suits you)
  • – If you have question we are happy to gossip at

Obviously: Do NOT submit anything illegal – this includes but is not limited to anything non-consensual, persons under 18, animals etc.

For more places to submit we recommend the following manual linklists/directories:, and,

  • Write the full description of your Post. You are welcome to insert photos and links but do not over-do it.
    Select a category for your post
  • Up to 20 images
  • Separate tags with commas.